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Soy solo yo, otra niña con cortes en los brazos y tormentos en el corazón. 

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“Hace mucho tiempo deje de ser yo.”

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Mi mente siempre.

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It really breaks my heart hearing that some people truly give up on themselves and life. I wonder, “how do they get to that place?” I just wish everyone knew that they were loved….and that yes, sometimes life is unfair and difficult and can come with SO many trials and tribulations, but you can OVERCOME them. It’s not a “you might overcome them” it’s a certainty that you CAN. You can experience the beauty of living. There is so much to do and see…fall in love, travel the world, meet someone who changes your life, create happiness for others, discover yourself and who you are, form amazing friendships, learn something new everyday…..there are endless possibilities.

You are not alone by any means. We are all going through this thing called life together. I wish everyone knew how much value that is within them. They are not just floating around in life with no meaning or purpose. Each person has a purpose and are given special gifts and talents to be used.

You are all so important, I can’t express it enough. My hope is that everyone out there doesn’t just “think” this, but they absolutely BELIEVE this. That no person out there feels hopeless. I promise you, you are not bound by your fears or hardships. There will be ups, and there will be downs, but you will rise.

You are so very loved and can live a life beyond your dreams. Please don’t ever give up on yourself.

God bless

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mas fuerte que no sabes como hacer para que te vean, que si, si existes y esta muriendo…

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